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CSS ist valide!

Web site content will move towards more video. DET DESIGN offers you both strategic and executive partnership regarding this technology. If required we are able to budget semi as well as professional hdtv video shooting incl. editing and post production on demand. Videos embedded in your web site give potential clients a voice and face to connect to the company, product, service, or name. It makes you a real person rather than just some impersonal words on a screen. An entertaining video, posted on the front page of your web site will often hold a visitor’s attention longer, and encourage them to look further than a photo or written words.
Does DET DESIGN produce online video advertising?

We do conception work for a corporate web design plus layout, content strategy, flash or GIF animations etc. - domain-registration, hosting and maintenance of a web site as well.

Our Web Service by experience can cope with the economic requirements. We´re able to offer to install and to advise all web tools and internet gadgets, individually, in synchronicity to you. These tools increase and simplify the online dialogue between our clients and the interaction between their customers.

We install and assist our clientele in West Cork and all over Ireland to understand “how to work” with different online-applications, like statistics or analytics for their website. They learn to use the applications for their business or shop. In addition, our network is in the position to provide professional product and scenery photography; respectively print, logos and lightning design as well.

Finally DET DESIGNs large range of services support the corporate identity of our clients from concept to design. We support small start-up, medium-class companies or self-employed in West Cork and all over Ireland with our innovative ideas. We can help them with our web experience and tools to cope with the economic requirements of today. DET DESIGN can present them an affordable total design solution from business cards to a web site.

What service offers DET DESIGN?

Nowadays, even in West Cork, rural regions high-speed broadband connections are very common. Here lies another deficiency: The use of the Internet for commercial purposes or targets often fails because of ignorance of its potential and affordable web designers. There are not enough reasonably priced professionals with the international experience to develop and consult corporate designed web sites.
Small, medium-size companies and self-employed people ought to be aware and advised regarding full use of the internet, combined with digital advertising. Here we come back to our long-standing digital experience. In other words - We offer solutions - how to advertise with a corporate designed web site! DET DESIGN are professional web site counselors, prepared to give the rural population and business people the attention they need - how to tap the full potential of a web page for their business. Our network has so much to offer. Our service and our field of activity includes “everything around the web”.

What makes DET DESIGN so unique?
People in Dublin, Ireland, Europe or all over the world can learn about the services a company in West Cork offers by the click of a mouse. Local companies now have customers all across the globe. Small businesses, groups and non-profit organizations are providing an infinite array of information to a widespread audience. Get online and let your name be seen. Having a web site introduces a business to new customers and helps retain them as clients. By having a website, you can inform potential customers of your services or products and what separates your business from your competitors. A professional looking website lets customers know your business is serious and dedicated to their needs. The possibilities are endless.
What is the advantage of a web site?
Our motto: Get contented customers with customized content!
You do well if you use the full potential of a web site for your business. Get the advantage in a world where knowledge is key, with a highly skilled population, and a flexible attitude to doing business. Combined with your Print Adds you`ll be able to impress your clients as well as any big company. Operating from a position of strength in the communications sector will allow your business to capitalise on these advantages. So turn the spotlight on your business by having a Web Site!!
Do I need a web site?
This is the most frequent question people ask DET DESIGN refering to this topic. You want our genuine answer? O.K. Here we go: No, you don´t need a web site!!
Do I need a car? No, but it makes things easyer and keeps me independent. Do we need TV? No, we don´t need all this high-technological-stuff but we´ve got used to it, like we´ve got used to mobile phones, credit cards and bank links as well.

So: Do I need a web site?   No, ....but if you want to cope with the requirements of this century we recommend actually: YES! You need a web site!
Why do I need a web site?