Developing a customized Web presentation for your business is a creativ melting progress between you and us. An eye to eye interview will help you to understand the calculation for your bill and us to satisfy you!
If everything is sorted out we develope 2 designs for you. Make sure that you get your content together. Price droppps! If your style decision has done we turn our brainstorm into a calm visuell web site...
...than we´re going pregnant! The progress should take 2 - 4 weeks, few mails and calls till your web baby is ready for the digital wild open! Don´worry! Still time to change content in your internet performance!
Your digi toddler wants to conquer the world wide web! Learn him independently run on your own or give him a well kept home! Our domain and web garage service could care for that as well.


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Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)
SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) support your “web site ranking”,relied on a mathematical algorithm to rate the prominence of web pages. Usually, the earlier a site is presented in the search results, or the higher it "ranks," the more searchers will visit that site.
Tools And Gadgets For Your Web Page
Keep the content of your Web Performance topically. We can support the bundle of your Web Site Package with the latest state of internet technology for a reasonable price.
Get content customers with customized content.With the impact of which doesn’t fail to excite your client.

Enhance your site or blog with accurate weather
Show details of the Moon`s phases for Fishermen, gardeners, hikers, photographers, teachers, etc.
Stimulate your Clients with funny or sophisticated Quotes of the Day!
Brief your Customers. Put the oil price dashboard on your web site in real time!

Start your own eCommerce Business

with your Web Shop

Corporate Designed!

Web shopping become generally known in the early 90´s. It lets your clients buy, what they want, whenever they want. Your customer find a product of interest by visiting your web site 24 hours a day!

We support Your Web Business with advice, corporate design and developement referring your Web shop, as well.
Get your Domains for

a month!
Domains available
In Order with our Web Garage Package we`re be able to support you with a wide range of Web Domains as well!
Get the domain name of your choice and participate from our fair
We can provide your Web Site as well with animated commercials or games. Your Corporate Identy combinded with one of those or both can encrease the customers of your Web Page at all.
Our fair Advice: Animation can be an eyecatcher but you have to concider that 99 per Cent of browsers got that Plug-Iin. In other words: You could loose 1 client of 100 with it. If you agree  that, use it!!!
Tools for survival
You´ve got experience with programming a website?. We´ve got for every scope of application a solution. We can design, respectively provide your web site as well with web templates and web page layouts.
Depressed by bad design? You need a jumpstart for your

website? No idea how to create an eye catcher for your

web performance? Don`t worry!
  • save money with programming your website independently
  • attract more clients with an innovative website design
  • get positive feedback with a clearly arranged and represented web page

Your fancy your own Web Blog but you don´t know how to create it? You want share your thougths, fotos and more with your friends in Ballydehob, West Cork, Kerry, Ireland and the World?

Not a problem at all!

Feel free to contact Det Design.
We will support your Blog Installation!

  • create your Blog at affordable price
  • breaking, shaping, and spinning news or stories
  • get your training and learn how to use your Blog
  • learn how you can post to your Blog from your mobile phone or through your secret E-mail to Blog-adress
  • understand how to add a video to your Blog
  • realize how you can customize your Blog Design
  • add powerful gadgets such as slide shows

From concept through the design:

Logo Design, flyers, labels, brochures, packaging, folders, annual reports, newsletters and more.

Innovative solutions for small start-up companies who need a total design solution from business cards to a website.

Feel free to contact us if you want us to create your design strategy.

We be able as well to do professional in and outdoor photo shooting.