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  • 1 Web Page - Corporate designed (Basic)

  • incl. 5 images (Basic Setup)

  • incl. your delivered Content up to 200 Words

  • incl. Email-Button*

    325.- € incl. VAT

Small Web Site
Business Card

  • 3 Web pages - Corporate designed (Basic)

  • incl. 15 images (Basic Setup)

  • incl. your delivered Content up to 600 Words

  • incl. Email-Button*

    540.- € incl. VAT

Medium Web Site
Start up Business

Web Design


How much you have to charge for a web site is related to our effort. The effort is related to the content. The more content YOU deliver, the less effort it is for us to develop and design your web performance. We try to make sure that you understand the charges, that you understand how we charge for the work, that you understand the charges for the effort to develop the content and design for your Web Performance.

A "page" is defined as about the capacity of an A4 sheet when printed. The content could include graphics, photographs, web and e-mail links, location maps etc.

We prefer to agree the price with you, before we start to design your web site and then we stick to it.

However: On this note we will give you an idea about the charging by example.

*In order with one of our Web Garage packets we can port forwarding your Emails to your privat Email account as well